CFT Contractor’s Framing Tape is a revolutionary new way to reduce your framing measuring time by 75%, all while improving accuracy and minimizing the potential for error. It’s pre-marked, pre-measured and durable enough for every application.

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There’s no arguing the old adage that time is money. If your success depends on more expedited completion of framing jobs, CFT Contractor’s Framing Tape is a framer’s best friend that’s been
designed to significantly increase efficiency and accuracy.

Simple to Use

The old days of stopping after every frame to measure, mark and nail are a thing of the past with CFT Contractor’s Framing Tape. Simply lay out a strip of CFT on the flat side of your 2 x 4s, nail studs at the 16” center mark, and tilt the wall in place. It’s that easy.

Improves Speed & Accuracy

Constantly having to measure your framing takes up valuable time, expends energy and leaves room for human oversight. With CFT Contractor’s Framing Tape, all the measuring has been done for you. Learn more or order CFT today online using our secured cart.

Convenient 4-Packs

The response to CFT Contractor’s Framing Tape has already been overwhelming, and we’re now offering it in a convenient 4-pack to make ordering and transport from job to job easier and more organized. Contact our customer support for large volumes or other inquiries.

CFT Makes Framing Fast and Easy!

If you’re not using CFT Contractor’s Framing Tape, you’re wasting time and effort that could be spent estimating your next job. We’re framers, too, and we know how tedious the process can be. CFT was specifically developed to help you save time, improve accuracy and eliminate the potential for miscalculation. This highly durable framer’s tape is pre-measured and pre-marked, with clear center guides and hole marks for easy use and complete reliability. As so many of our customers have told us, you’ll never look at framing the same way.

If you’re ready to cut your framing time in half and improve the efficiency in which you work, order CFT Contractor’s Framing Tape by contacting us.

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